How To Know When A Door Lock Needs To Be Changed

Changing locks remain at the back of the mind unless and until one faces a dire situation like a break-in or a key misplacement etc. But as any Miami Beach Locksmith would advice, it is always good to change locks once in a while, especially if:

  • Moving to a new place: This is especially true when one moves from a rented apartment to another since the locks present would have been used by the previous tenants and they might still have a key. This can make the place a bit insecure to live in.
  • Break-in: Even if it is not a complete break-in but only an attempt, the door locks should be changed immediately since the security of the place has been compromised. One should never even have second thoughts on the same.
  • Lost keys: This can have dire circumstances; ones that people might also not be able to comprehend. Hence if the keys get lost, it is always better to get the whole lock changed so that the chances of a security breach go down to zero.
  • Old locks: Locks which have grown old suffer wear and tear due to use and misuse over the years. They even tend to become stubborn, temperamental and difficult to operate. Thus, as any Miami Beach Locksmith, would say, if a lock starts to act up or refuses to open with the right key, it is time for them to go to the garbage can or be scrapped.
  • Miscellaneous situations: Staying with roommates in the same room for years and then undergoing a change with new roommates coming in definitely calls for a change in the door lock. Other miscellaneous situations include lending the keys to a neighbor, asking someone to house sit etc.

Even though it is not possible for anyone to predict a suitable time for changing door locks, the thumb rule is that the moment one gets inkling that the safety and security has been compromised, the locks should be changed.

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